When you think of "Sin City" you probably don't think Michigan but don't get too high up on that horse...we've got a few sinful cities ourselves!

I mean, we have Hell for Christ's sake...which I guess is where I might be going for just using "Christ" and "Hell" in the same sentence...moving on.

We all know Vegas as "Sin City" and it makes sense. There's all kinds of shenanigans that go on there that really do just need to stay there and never see the light of somewhere like our precious, pristine Michigan.

However, Wallethub decided to look into 180 cities and see how they stacked up against "37 key indicators of evil deeds" and how they related to the "seven deadly sins"

Detroit made the top 25 of "sinful cities" based on Wallethub's "indicators". When it came to evil deeds that signified "anger and hate" like "most violent crimes per capita", the ol' Motor City ranked #1. However, Detroit did rank last in categories that signified "vanity" like "fewest tanning salons per capita" so at least Detroit has that going!

Another city that made the list, albeit much further down was Grand Rapids!

Coming in at 137th out of the 180, Grand Rapids doesn't seem to be all-too sinful though they did get high marks in categories like "jealousy" and "greed" and I would argue "excessive vices" would rank highly there as well...it DID used to be called "Beer City, USA."

In the end, some sins definitely outweigh others, but we all have at least somewhat of a sinful side. Here in Michigan we definitely show our "wrath" towards our roads, especially in the winter. We show our "jealousy" of states with warmer climates and our Great Lakes sunsets, well, those take care of "vanity" for us...as they should.

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