Each house has it's own personality and quirks. When you are looking for a house, you tend to see the rosy side of things. Never looking deeper at the money pit you could be falling in to.

What was a problem your house presented to you after you made your purchase? Don't be embarrassed, think you may be saving someone from making the same mistake.

Did your foundation fall apart? Was the drain field full? Was the septic tank just an open tank in a field? Was the roof stuck on with duct tape? Did the pool have a huge crack in it?

In our house, it's the basement. Everything about this house looks normal, then you go down stairs to the squalor. It's SO embarrassing taking people down there. Please, ignore the dead mouse smell. We have been working hard to get it cleaned up. Went through a dehumidifier in one week.

Our basement doesn't have a drain AND when we moved in it didn't have soft water. We fixed the latter but after 2 floods and that lovely mildew/mold smell emanating from the basement... We decided will be searching for a new house. Then COVID hit. So, for the time being, we are doing some fixing up of the place. Got a submersible pump in case it floods again.


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