Thanksgiving is a holiday really rooted in food, and very specific foods at that. However, what dishes do you make sure are on your table that make you say "I know it's not 'typical' Thanksgiving food, but..."

Some people prefer to have chicken, some people choose to forgo certain "traditional" sides in favor of others.

One year, my uncle hosted Thanksgiving at his house where my Aunt Marilyn, who is from the Philippines so our typical sides like stuffing and mashed potatoes turned into Pilipino foods!

While Thanksgiving Lumpia didn't make it into the survey YouGov did on Thanksgiving sides, things like deviled eggs and Jell-O which they found as the favorite "nontraditional" side of the Midwest!

"In addition to mashed potatoes, those residing in the Midwest were more likely than most Americans to hand a victory to deviled eggs (64% vs 53%) and Jell-O (41% vs 34%)," YouGov said. "They also selected chicken more often than the general population (61% vs 53%), though it still falls behind turkey (85%) and ham (66%) as a main dish in this region."

They also found that folks like us here in the Midwest are also more likely than other regions to choose chicken for their "Turkey Day" protein.

This morning Joey said he and Mrs. Pants are having chicken for their Thanksgiving meal and while I cannot personally imagine having anything else for the festive meal, I totally get it!

Who made the "rules" for what has to be eaten on Thanksgiving? If your guess was "absolutely no one" then you are right because these "rules" don't exist! The day is all about spending time with your family, reflecting on everything you are thankful for and enjoying delicious food, no matter what it is!

If you're looking to get a bit weird this Thanksgiving, check some of this out that you can get at your local store now!

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