Photo Courtesy: Sara Marie Smith

Occasionally, my girlfriend will notice a plane streaking across the sky and say "I wish we were on that plane going somewhere."

To be honest, I have never given much thought to the busy lives of those who are squeezed in their seats and flying the friendly skies. Now I do. But I don't think my destination of choice is in line with hers. I would probably chose Alaska for a two week hunting and fishing excursion. Or maybe off to coastal Mexico for some warm water fishing. Either way, I would have to incorporate some sort of (laughing) "manly activity!"

I have never been one for the beach or hot sand. Sitting and watching my skin blister due to inactivity. Sparing only my hand from the suns harmful rays because there is a small amount of shade from a funny little umbrella in my foo-foo drink! Nope! Give me the dry cool fall air with the chance to earn my dinner after a hard day's hunting or fishing. Adding in the factor that I too could become dinner makes it all the more appealing.

Now that you have my description of fun, who do you side with? Me: Solitary. Hunting, fishing and living the outdoors lifestyle! Or with Sara: Lounging on the deck of a cruise ship or sunning yourself on a beach, drink in hand and a few hundred others? I'm looking forward to see who wins! - Duran