While rounding the corner of Farm Lane and Forest behind the Michigan State University Ag Pavilion yesterday afternoon, I first noticed the huge pool of rust-colored water that was collecting at the low end of the horse pasture; it struck me as odd that there was so much standing water when he hadn't gotten any significant rain in a couple weeks-ish.

Noticeably obtuse at times, I looked up to see water spewing with great force from what looked at first, like it was coming from the truck parked in the field.

Once I drove past the other side of the building, I realized the water was coming from a source inside the building.

What the hell? Is that rusty water? I need answers.

And I want better answers than then the no-answers I got about what the hell are these secret tunnel covers all about next to Mt. Hope near Farm Lane, just around the corner from the MSU Ag Pavilion.


Hole Covers

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