My parents treat me like I am the favorite. I was always a momma's boy. Being the youngest, I came around at a time when they just gave up. My brother and sister had worn my parents will to live down to a nub by the time I came around.

We never really had any heated arguments around the table, not like today. Where if anyone can't share their opinion, they act like it's burning a hole in their soul. Some things, especially when you THINK you are right, are best not to fight about during the holidays. But boy people do. Whether it's being the favorite kid or the WORST kid, people never forget and never miss an opportunity to remind you.

We always try to think of the memories that will make the kids laugh.

One time, after a few drinks my uncle wanted a piece of my brother in-law. I am not sure what it was all about but my uncle attempted to initiate a fight and he was tackled by my 5 foot 2 sister. He NEVER hears the end of that.

Some fights go all the way back to childhood with some deep hurt feelings that only years of therapy can fix.

I will miss my family but I sure am glad we won't be getting together THIS year. Navigating that landmine sounds exhausting.

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