I have to be honest, I eat a lot of chicken. For some reason, though, until lately I have not eaten chicken wings that much.  I'm more of a fan of rotisserie half chickens or chicken breasts. But I have come to realize that chicken wings are fun to eat and there are so many different varieties and sauces depending on where you go.

I have been sampling some of the wings in the area and my favorite so far with many more to try is at the Nuthouse in downtown Lansing. They are big meaty wings, and I like them naked with blue cheese, but there are many more varieties.

Some fun varieties are teriyaki glazed wings, crispy orange ginger wings, sweet sticky spicy wings, and of course tangy barbecue. Yummy.

Until I check out all the wing places in the the Lansing area and give you my own top places, here ere the the top 10 from Yelp.

10. Happy's Pizza

9. Buffalo Wild Wings

8. US Fried Chicken & Pizza

7. Smoky Bones & Fire Grille

6. Nashville Hot Chicken Shack

5. Dagwood's Tavern & Grille

4. Capitol City Soul Food

3. Wing's Over Lansing

2. Eastside Fish Fry Bar & Grill

1. Mo Wings.

With football season here and the Super Bowl around the corner, more people will probably be eating wings because they are one of the best foods to eat while watching sports. Other fan favorite foods to each while watching the game are nachos, chips and dip, pizza, and one of my all times favorites 7 layer mexican dip.

What are your favorite wing flavors? And please share any recipes or snacks that you love to make while watching the Lions!

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