Canada gets credit for poutine, which I heard someone disparagingly call "garbage puked on french fries"; that may be true, since I've never tried the dish.

Probably the only reason I haven't tried poutine, which is now revered as 'Canada's National Dish', is because I didn't know about french fries smothered in cheese curds, gravy and grossness in my bar-hopping days when 'breakfast' was a stop at the Flap Jack Shack or that other diner that used to be at Oakland and US-127, just north of the Frandor shopping center in Lansing. Poutine had not yet made its way across the border, at least around here, in the 1990s.

What has made its way here, intermittently, from our neighbors to the north are ketchup potato chips. The Doo-Ran, WMMQ Midday Host, will often bring back weird snacky foods from Canada like ketchup chips when he crosses the border for his various missions.

On a recent trip to visit my brother and his family in Canada, my step daughter took a fancy to the ketchup trips. Which leaves me asking, if Doo-Ran isn't going to Canada anytime soon, where can I buy the damn things?

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