In terms of moving, Michigan residents rank #4 in the country for calling it a day in their home state and heading for greener pastures. For many it may not be a pasture, but a beach or somewhere with more sun and less unpredictable weather. Other have chosen to go from Lake Effect weather to squall country as they move northeast.

Was 2022 a Telling Year for Incoming Michigan Residents?

United Van Lines conducts an annual study, comparing the amount of people that move in and out of each state. In 2022, Michigan saw that total outbound moves, those leaving Michigan, represented 57.8% of the moving companies business in the Great Lake State. That means that only 42.2% were choosing to call Michigan home.

Taking a closer look at the numbers in the United Van Lines study, it's apparent the most lopsided age demographic for inbound vs. outbound were those between the age of 18 and 34 years old. Only 7.36% in that age range moved into Michigan, with 19.6% moving out. If this trend continues it will mean more recruiting difficulty for area business's that rely on a younger workforce.

Portrait Of Mature Couple Carrying Boxes On Moving Day In Front Of Dream Home

It seems early retirement and recent buyouts may be the reason more Michiganders between the age of 55 and 64 opted to leave the Mitten State rather than call it home. This demographic represented 187.18% of inbound moves and 22.80% of outbound. Those between the age of 35 and 44, as well as 45 and 54, tilted the other way, with only 12.4% of the former and 10.8% of the latter opting to look for another state to call home.

Why are Families Leaving Michigan?

The biggest reason that people have given for leaving our peninsulas, is family. Nearly 33% gave relatives as a reason for moving out of the state, while 44.59% of those moving into Michigan gave the same rational. Leaving the state for a job was #2 at 30.28% and retirement represented 25.87%.


Other reasons for leaving were, health, lifestyle, and cost of living. I'm honestly surprised 'better roads' wasn't an answer given as to why folks were leaving.

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