Looking for someplace different to visit this Halloween?

Been to all the spook houses you care to visit?
Investigated enough haunted places to satisfy you for awhile?
Been to Hell, Michigan a few too many times?
Then how about this…..

Take a trip to Witch Lake and nearby Bat Lake.

Witch Lake does have an outline that somewhat resembles a witch, and Bat Lake’s silhouette looks like a giant scary bat (see satellite photos below).

The village of Witch Lake was once a railway stop ten miles away from the town of Republic and remains an unincorporated community, with no shops or businesses and very few houses.  Bat Lake never had its own village, but it seems to have a few homes sprinkled around the shoreline. (I understand the fishing is GREAT!)

Both lakes are located right next to each other, out in the wilderness of Marquette County on M-95.

A roadtrip there could uncover something interesting…something that hasn’t been discovered yet.

So where would you stay at Witch Lake? There are no hotels, motels, cabins for rent, campgrounds.....guess you'll have to pitch your own tent in some lonely, secluded spot. Just being alone in the woods in the middle of the night at places called 'Witch Lake' and 'Bat Lake' is enough to give anyone the creeps.

Why not give it a shot this Halloween? Are you up for it?


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