When my cats sniffed out the bag of doggie treats provided by Soldan's Pet Supplies for the WMMQ Halloween Costume Contest for dogs, they helped themselves to every last crumb, leaving the evidence in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I shared the story last week here at WMMQ.com and asked on the WMMQ Facebook page for everyone to share pics of the destruction wreaked by their beloved pets and got the gallery from above.

For instance, you have the chewed wall, courtesy of Kerry Scaife's Lab-Mastiff mix. Kerry says the dog's typically pretty chill, but really didn't want to be confined to that particular space. Indeed.

Sheryl's says this about "Ace-asaurus", "(he) has destroyed so much in his two year reign of terror that I stopped taking photos. It has only been three days, however, since he swiped a brand new roll of TP off the bathroom counter and decorated the bedroom with some, and ate the rest. Ah. Living the Labrador life...We have rainwater barrels under the gutters on the house and garage. Someone decided he was very curious - and thirsty... (this one was about 1/3 full at the time of the toppling (he was just a little over a year old in this pic)."

Steve Burnett says that the wood TV tray placed on the couch was no match for Gabby the Mastiff.

Cleadus, Dexter and Ethan clearly didn't believe the "indestructible" label on the toys they received.

And sweet Jethro the German Shepherd was simply trying to save the family from the very threatening living room furniture.

Layla the Great Dane must have smelled something delicious lurking inside the bed pillow, which Courtney Gier-Jensen says WAS really comfy...



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