We heard several stories last week of people popping tires in their travels around greater Lansing - sometimes two at a time - when driving in the rain over potholes they couldn't see.

And then there was the monster pothole on Pennsylvania Avenue that devoured several vehicles last week, along with the beast of a pothole on Aurelius north of Mt. Hope that took out seven vehicles in a row last week.

It appears that the City of Lansing no longer has a "Pothole Hotline" to call to report such issues, but they do ask residents to use "Lansing Connect" (link here) to report any road issues and submit a service request online. You can send a video or photo of the offending infrastructure issue with details. Download the app for free!

Check out some of the area road hazards below - including some pics from Florida and California just for entertainment purposes.


Mulliken Pothole Pic Courtesy Wm Michael Lewis
Pennsylvania Ave Pothole Melisa Cheesmond FB Courtesy Photo
Florida Sinkhole, Getty Images
Lansing Pothole
CA Firetruck, Getty Images