reports that on April 15th of this year, the owner of a 76 foot yacht had to be rescued from his sinking ship after it started taking on water and he intentionally grounded it in about 3 feet of water at Ludington State Park, near Big Sable Point. He didn't have insurance on his craft and doesn't seem terribly interested in cleaning up the debris littering miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Authorities say that even with the mess left on the beach, there's a bigger problem in that the majority of the yacht is still underwater - including the diesel engine.

Check out photos of the wreck from here. What a sight. Sounds like crews - employees and volunteers - have been working to clean up as much of the mess from the beach as possible to avoid the debris getting buried - until someone walking the beach steps on something sharp.

The uninsured, wrecked boat is registered to Randall West of Traverse City, MI.

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