I can't believe I'm defending my team after a win, but somehow here we are.

Joey Pants has led a vicious attack on my fantasy football team and me this past week. Surely it is the sour grapes of defeat that can get to any of us competitive types. However, Joey has made some errors in his assessment that must be clarified.

Here is a sampling of Joey's salt this week with me.

It's not just this, there have been other references on-air and off, and while I've been content to shake my head and chuckle because I won, I will no longer sit in silence.

Now, here is the screenshot of our final scores.


So let's start with Joey's grievances.

"I have no life being at the fantasy football draft"

While I don't deny being a die-hard sports fan (it consumes my weekends more often than not) I'd like to point out in a 16-team work league, Joey was the only player not to be logged in to our online draft. He was golfing. It's 2017 Joey, you should be able to get service on the golf course to pick some names off a list.

The President gets service on a golf course, I'm sure you could have too.

When you're on auto-draft in a league as big as this, you are not going to be happy with your team, which I think is what a part of this boils down to. Joey is clearly projecting his hatred of his team onto mine. I won't have it!

That leads in to my next point. Who is comfortable with the notoriously terrible Blake Bortles as their only quarterback? Answer: Joey. I don't think you are allowed to complain about your quarterback getting you one point when it is Blake freakin' Bortles. The guy is so bad there's a mock twitter feed about all of his accomplishments. And he plays for the Jaguars, that should have been another hint to ditch him for someone better, or at least someone different at QB.

"One of my receivers (Sammy Watkins) put up a goose egg"

Ok that one sucks for you Joey, but they were playing the Seahawks. For as bad as their offensive line is they still have arguably the best secondary in the NFL. I guess you have to be a "no-life" to have seen that one coming like I am.

Mike Wallace looks pretty good sitting on his bench doesn't he? Of course it hurts to lose, but when you lose because you played the wrong player? EXTRA SALTY!

But the biggest reason why I won't be "hanging my head in shame" over a 10-point win (which no one should ever do, a win is a win) is because if you look at my bench, I had some studs on their bye weeks and my team still got the job done. Devonta Freeman (Falcons RB, pictured above), Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos WR) and Terrelle Pryor (Washington WR) all on bye and yet I still win by double digits.

I didn't have my best running back and two of my top three wide receivers and I still came out victorious. Better luck next week Joey playing anybody but me.

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