"Feel the Bern" is one of the campaign slogans for Bernie Sanders. I have to be honest, I didn't know who he was before this all started. He is still hanging around and giving Hillary Clinton an Obama sized headache. This was supposed to be her time. Right?

Bernie is leading in some states and going to make it hard for Bubba's wife to become the first female President. He'll make it tough for her to even be nominated. It's a credit to his campaign that he made it this far and leads in some places. Clever marketing like "Feel the Bern" helps but some will ask "what has he done?"

In this what have you done for me lately world, yesterday he introduced a bill that would rescind all FEDERAL penalties for growing and possessing marijuana and allow states to determine their own laws. It is the first bill ever to propose the eradication of marijuana prohibition at the federal level introduced in the Senate. Click here to read more about it. He basically wants to treat marijuana like alcohol.

Is he pandering for the stoner vote? I haven't heard Mrs. Clinton say a single word about this issue. He has actually done something about it. Will this help America "Feel the Bern" and push him over the edge? Or will it give HIllary an edge? The first stone has been cast. Now, the munchies kick in.

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