With recreational marijuana now being legal in Michigan for over a month, the following info may be helpful to those who are trying to keep a watchful on friends and family members. Sure, you know the typical things to look for: glazed eyes, paranoia, slurred speech, etc. But what else? The list below could possibly help you to recognize the:


1) He doesn’t know where to part his mullet.

2) When describing the location of a Michigan town, their thumbs are pointing to the left.

3) Pork rind crumbs on their shirts.

4) Staring at the psychedelic colors of Superman ice cream.

5) The front yard is a good place to pee in the snow.

6) If he hears the word “pothole” he'll say "what did you call me???"

7) Doesn’t know if he’s in the correct lane or on the road. He's probably neither.

8) "Paper or plastic?"
"Huh? What?"

9) Sets up a meth lab in the back of his pickup.

10) When he hears 'smoked sausage' he asks where to get papers that big.

11) Pronounces "fish fry" as "frish fy".

12) Gets frustrated at the 'cans, plastic, glass' returns at Meijer.

13) When someone comments "the leaves are changing color" he pulls out his dime bag and looks at it.

14) Every minute he'll exclaim "is that a cop?"

15) While dressing for church, he can’t decide on the Motley Crue or Metallica t-shirt.