I never thought much of this. Just me being a smart ass. Deb instantly knew this was gold. She said "save that" as soon as I turned off the microphones. I made a promo out of it that ran for about a week. After that, everywhere I went people brought it up. A lot of people thought Deb was really mad at me but she REALLY wasn't.

She always didn't mind being the butt of the joke. I still have a hard time with it. She taught me a lot about being a professional and SHOWING UP TO WORK. Before I got here, one of the LEGENDARY guys she worked with ALWAYS MISSED WORK. He would miss BIG events and I would have to be the emergency fill in. Our chemistry was so solid from working together, you could never tell. People always said to me: "I wish they would put you 2 together."

Someone finally listened.


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