A few years ago, I was walking outside and a cat walked up. We just lost one of our cats and I was not in a place to bring in a new one. So, I took it to my parents farm. The next year, we had some of the worst luck I have ever encountered.

Last year, I was walking outside and a cat walked up, bashed her head into my leg. She was HOMELY! Hardly any hair, skinny and I thought for sure she was going to die. I began feeding her and brought her into her new home. I named her Meadow and fixed her all up. 

My luck has changed for the better since she came into my life. Cats and omens go hand in hand. Click here are 18 Omens of good fortune. 

Step in horse crap? It's good luck. A bird craps on your head. It's good luck! A flag can bring you good luck!? I am not saying they are all true but leads me to be more optimistic.