Just after 7:00 yesterday morning, Chelsea Fire and Rescue got the call from a 62 year old hunter who was in the woods by himself fell out of his self-climbing tree stand just after 7:00 AM at the Pinckney Recreation Area (about an hour southeast of Lansing); his foot had slipped and he was hanging upside down without a safety harness. And his coat had fallen off.

Fortunately he still had his phone on him.

The Washtenaw County Technical Rescue Team assisted Chelsea crews and got video of the dramatic rescue, which you can watch here:


The process took a couple of hours to retrieve the man, who was stuck about fifty feet up in the air.

Crews slung ropes up into the trees and made a pulley system and chatted with him about the Chelsea High School Football team, which is reportedly what everyone is talking about in Chelsea (the team is playing in the Division 4 state championship at Ford Field this Friday).



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