There are no real words to write that could describe my feelings at the news of AC/DC's end.

In 1979, when the band lost then front man Bon Scott, it seemed they had just missed being the monster they had long struggled to become. Then the graveled voice of a lead singer from and little known band called Geordie, was brought in to record a handful of songs that would eventually become the heavy soundtrack for the decade known as the 80's. The singer was Brian Johnson and the album was Back in Black.

Since that time and maybe a little before, I have been a devout fan of AC/DC. Collecting every American release I could. Their music filled the air in my home and in my car.

Now with the news of the recent stroke of Malcom Young, the older brother of lead guitarist Angus and the driving, severely underrated, rhythm guitarist of the band coming to light, the Orstrayhun reports that their will be no 40th Anniversary Tour. Although an official word from the band has yet to be spoken.

On a personal note, I cannot see them going on without Malcom. I can't imagine Angus looking off to see anyone other than Malcom. We can only hope for his health and offer our gratitude for so many great years of music and some the best live shows in Rock & Roll!