Image Courtesy Google Maps
Image Courtesy Google Maps

68 year old Edward Michael Belles of East Lansing was riding his motorcycle on Sagainw, east of Abbot in East Lansing, when a vehicle pulled out of a private driver. That caused him to swerve into oncoming traffic, where he was fatally struck by a vehicle.

The Lansing State Journal reports that day before (October 8th), 67 year old Larry Sanders of Charlotte was riding his motorcycle on Lansing Road south of Potterville when the driver of an SUV turned in front of him. Sanders did not survive the wreck.

It sounds like the 37 year old driver of the SUV that turned in front of Sanders Monday afternoon is cooperating with police. He was not injured in the crash.

WILX TV 10 reports that this past Sunday evening in Lansing, on Saginaw Street near Maryland Avenue (near Lansing Catholic Central High School), leaving three people with injuries.

It appears that the man driving the motorcycle in this incident crashed into a vehicle; the female passenger on the motorcycle reportedly suffered serious injuries.

WILX TV 10 has a story here of a 42 year old Lansing man injured last month when a 38 year old female drive pulled out in front of him near Holmes and Burchfield in Lansing.



You can check out the link here at WILX for more wrecks this past summer. Seems like there have been a LOT of such crashes recently.

Please keep your eyes open for our friends on bikes.

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