This is not to diss M22 because there is a reason that roadway is so iconic to Michigan and it's definitely not because it's ugly; however it is nice to see some of our other beautiful scenic routes to get some recognition!

That's why I got so happy to see this story because Northeast Michigan, Lake Huron into Huron-Manistee National Forest is one of my favorite places in the entire state. I'm a bit biased because my friends live there and I've made some incredible, beautiful memories.

However, according to MLive, Big Seven Travel has named the River Road National Scenic Byway as Michigan's "Most Scenic Drive" for 2021.

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Where Is It?

So River Road National Scenic Byway, according to MLive travels westward from Lake Huron and runs parallel to the gorgeous, historic Au Sable River.

The route is over 20 miles long through Iosco County, following M-65 and River Road.

What Makes It So Special?

First, MLive says River Road was given the status as National Forest Scenic Byway back in 1988. Then, in 2005 it was given National Scenic Byway status in 2005.

The route also is loaded with opportunities for recreation like off-roading trails, hiking opportunities, cross-country skiing, lush forests and plenty of places to pull off for scenic overlooks.

It's so gorgeous driving up there no matter the season and with the Au Sable River, which is historic in and of itself, it's that kind of "Up North" oasis any Michigander would love.

See For Yourself

While I am not positive if I have been on the actual River Road National Scenic Byway (I think I have but don't quote me) I am familiar with that area from trips to visit my friends so here is a look at some of the beauty you can find:

The Scenic Beauty Of Northeast Michigan

Big Seven Travel has named the River Road National Scenic Byway as Michigan's "Most Scenic Drive" for 2021. It is a gorgeous stretch of road filled with forests, trails, scenic overlooks and runs parallel to the historic Au Sable River

All in all, this area of Michigan holds a special place in my heart and I hope its standing as the most scenic drive in the state inspires other to get out and experience it for themselves.

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