So, how was your Mother's Day? This was the 3rd Mother's Day my wife was a mom. Easily the most difficult one yet because of the whole pandemic thing.

Last week, I drove through Fowlerville and the blossoming Dogwoods really brightened up my quarantine. Click here to see them. My friend Cindy Swain said I needed to drive to Perry to check out the trees there too.

Saturday, I spent working outside pretty much all day. Sunday, I woke up sore, forgot it was Mother's Day. When, I finally came to, I took the wife and kid for a drive down M-52. From the King Kone to the Rite Aid, M-52 is popping with flowering dogwoods. Adding much needed beauty to a ugly world.

It's worth a drive to check them out... Hurry though. They do NOT like the cold.

Perry Dogwoods

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