TMZ shared a picture of AXl Rose heading to the studio to work with AC/DC. Click here to check out that story. 

It seems more and more likely he will REALLY be the "guest" vocalist for AC/DC on the rest of this tour. AC/DC is also rumored to be opening for the GNR reunion show. Wait, what? That can't be true? Can it? AC/DC opening for GNR?

AC/DC fans are pretty upset about the selection. Comedian Jim Breuer seemed to make the most sense to a lot of metal fans. He has done a great job of his Brian Johnson parody for years.

What really is going on? The band announced Brian could permanently lose his hearing if he kept touring. Then Brian told Comedian Jim Breuer, the band "kicked him to the curb."

Axl Rose is an amazing singer. In the picture, it looks like he is getting into shape. I think this could be really cool but end really bad.

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