The other day, I was walking with my daughter through the Meridian Mall. She just kept walking up to the Victoria's Secret store and sitting. My friends think she was attracted to the pink because that is the color of her room. To me, it was deeply disturbing.

If I were a younger guy, it would have been the perfect set up. I could have just sat there all day and watched em strut in and strut out. But I am a man in his 40's and most of these ladies were young enough to be my daughter.

It got me thinking though, (GOD NO!) what was the better invention? Underwear or toilet paper. I hear you screaming toilet paper but think about it... Without underwear, there would be no Victoria's Secret. Think about all the wonderful underwear you have seen all your life... But still, toilet paper wins. Without it, we wouldn't shake hands.

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

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