Somebody call Justin Timberlake, because that's some poop in a box.

A man is wanted by police after he defecated in a box and put it back on a shelf at a Van Buren Township Meijer.

The incident happened last Thursday around 4 PM at the Meijer store on 9701 Belleville Road. Employees brought the security footage to the police, which was then posted to their Facebook page. However, Meijer corporate contacted the department and asked them to take down the footage, citing that it's against their company policy.

The man allegedly pooped in an aisle at the Meijer inside of an empty box (yes, we, too, have so many questions), which he then placed back on the shelf. He's also accused of stealing other items from the store.

Police have told the media that they have no leads; the man reportedly left the premises in a light-colored 2010 Ford Escape SUV. He's described as a white male, late 20s or early 30s, with a shaved head and a slender build.

This happens way more often than you'd think, too. I remember talking to a woman who owned a tanning salon; she said that people urinate and defecate in the trash cans inside the rooms.

I mean, I get it if you've gotta go, but how urgent was it? Like, he legitimately couldn't make it to the store's restroom?

If you have any information, you're asked to call Det. Dale Harrison at 734-699-8937.

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