Bruce Jenner is transforming into a woman. He got into a nasty car accident Saturday and one person lost their life but that is not what the story is about. Click here to see more about the accident. I could make the joke he's already driving like a woman but I won't.

This story was made for the tabloids. He's a gold medal winning olympian who at 65, now wants to be a woman. I am not making it up, it's public knowledge. Click here to see the transitional pictures. It's his life, his choice and I am not here to bash him for what he thinks is best for him. I was curious about his name though. I don't know any chicks named Bruce. Rumors are his new name will be Belinda. Or maybe Agnes? What name do you think fits Bruce and his new body?

I like Brucile, Brenda or Bratilda. Agnes would be hilarious.

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