NEWSFLASH: Mild winters wreak havoc on Michigan roads.

Fluctuating from frozen to thawed creates "unstable, soft roadbeds that are susceptible to potholes" says MDOT officials.

To report a pothole, call MDOT's Pothole Hotline 888-296-4546 or visit

This winter seems to have been quite a roller coaster of mild temperatures to below freezing. State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle says, "It's normal to get a few days throughout the winter that are warmer than usual, but this year has been unusually sporadic."

"The quicker we know about where potholes are forming, the sooner we can get them patched," said MDOT's Engineer of Operations, Mark Geib. "Patching won't help, but will help us get through until warmer temperatures are sustained."

If you encounter a pothole on an of the Interstates (94, 96, 69 etc), US (27) or M (46, 22, 21 etc) routes, let 'em know! The sooner they know, the sooner they can get it patched before a better fix is implemented.


"Birth of a Pothole" Diagram courtesy of MDOT.
Birth of a Pothole
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