Do you think people just like to be pissed off about something? Calvin Klein is trying to sell underwear and they are not paying me to talk about them. Keep this in mind, THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL UNDERWEAR.

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Courtesy of the New York Daily News

Is it different? Yeah. Is it pornography? HELL NO. As far as I can see, it's pretty tame for the fashion world. In fact, I thought the panties were so cute, I thought about getting some for my mistress for our anniversary. What can I say, I am a classy guy.

I get that perverts are everywhere. I ran the meetings for years. This is advertising for underwear. The old round bottom Sears Catalog pics don't reach the kids on their Twitters and Snapchats. Is it worth never buying Calvin Klein again? No one is saying start snapping pictures of ladies undies without their consent. That is sex offender level stuff.

I was joking about the mistress but those are some hot panties. I did feel like I was doing something wrong looking at it. She was paid well for this. She wrote that she liked to flash. I don't think this encourages guys to try for upshots. Just to appreciate the majesty of a flashing unicorn. As a man, if a girl wants me to see her underwear... I reserve the right to look. Don't be a creep though. That Trump picture had me laughing. Click. Save. Share.

Courtesy of New York Daily News and Getty Images