I can't imagine that one of us has not been touched personally in some way by cancer, be it the diagnosis of a family member, loved one, friend or co-worker. So many people I love have been delivered that world-changing news; it has taken some from us, while others were spared. 
My yoga teacher, friend and the owner of Hilltop Yoga, Hilaire Lockwood, lived 12 years with a rare form of cancer, one year without it, and now it's back. She and her husband, comic Aaron Putnam, have put together a night of comedy TONIGHT, which includes headliner Julian McCullough, who's been on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" and "Inside Amy Schumer".
Tonight's show, called "Cancervive", is at UrbanBeat in Old Town Lansing starting at 6:30. A portion of proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, with the money specifically earmarked for Hilaire's type of cancer.
Read more about Hilaire's journey here, as well as get the link to buy tickets or contribute to the cause. I've got my tickets and I plan to bid on some really cool silent auction items.
And I'll for sure be there to hear Hilaire tell her story; she'll make you listen, laugh and cry. Then we'll all laugh together the rest of the evening. And yes, there will be booze and food!