A few weeks ago we were at the store and I saw milk for under 2 bucks per gallon. I said to my wife "This isn't good for anyone." Now, if you are a huge family chugging through 5 to 6 per week, you may be saving money but it's costing someone.

It's costing the Michigan farmer. I read 2 heartbreaking local stories this month about farms closing because farmers are NOT making it. Click here to read about an Ovid family. Click here to read about Daybreak Dairy closing in West Michigan.

Our family farm sold off the cows in the 1970's. Our neighbors had a farm next to us and they sold all of their cows about 10 years ago. It hardly smells of manure where it used to.

A few months ago, my dad told me a story about a local farmer who was struggling to feed his animals. My dad claims he shot all of his starving animals before he turned the gun on himself. This story kept us both up at night. My dad claims there was a history of mental illness but that one left a mark.

Something needs to change and someone needs to step up to the fight.

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