Most people think a lineman is a guy who blocks in the NFL. A lineman is a guy who puts his life at risk so you can have power and cable TV. Today is their day.

I was a lineman and worked in Detroit on cable towards the end of the 90's. Being a part of this fraternity helped shape me into the man I am today. It's one of the craziest jobs I ever had.

I worked with a guy who got hit by a car while working. He was never able to return to climbing. The job alone is dangerous. Working in traffic makes it more stressful. So, if you see a bucket truck on the side of the road, give them some room.

There isn't a greater high in the world than climbing a pole on hooks. Hooks are the spikes that go in the pole attached to your ankles and feet. It becomes addicting.

Power guys have to go much higher on the pole so that job is WAY more dangerous than cable. I got zapped once. Click here to read my lineman horror story. 




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