Courtesy Photo trvlguy801
Courtesy Photo trvlguy801

There are plans in the works to create a 'Food Festival' in Jackson, hopefully by next year! reports here that the Consumers Energy Foundation is contributing $300,000 for the Marketplace Food Festival Kitchen, which will be in the former Vermeulen's Furniture store building. The Kitchen will be the hub for the planned festival, as well a place for chefs to incubate their businesses.

The Consumers Energy Foundation is also giving $200,000 to the Jackson School of the Arts to aid in the school's move to the historic former Masonic Temple on Cortland in Jackson. That space will also include room for retail and an art gallery.

Whoever wins the food festival 'throwdown' will get free space for a year to start their restaurant.

Cultivating spaces that add energy and 'destination spots' make a community more rich in so many ways, for residents and visitors.

It's inspiring that Consumers is investing in their hometown with this and other projects.

And gotta' say - I'm pretty excited about a new food festival!






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