The Lions did some house cleaning yesterday, firing team president Tom Lewand and General Manager Martin Mayhew. They have been in charge since 2008. It looks like the females are about to take over the Lions. Click here to check out more of the story.

The Lions also were recognized this week as having the second drunkest fan base in the NFL. They are one of the worst teams so, this seems to make sense. See that story by clicking here. Another bad team, the Buffalo Bills were the only fans to be drunker than the Lions.

The Lions won't play this weekend, so they can't lose. You can still put on your Lions jersey and tie one on at Lansing On Tap tomorrow at the Summit. Over 100 craft beers from local, national and international breweries will be on hand. There will be the Synergy photo booth, Knockerball and Booze Bottle Recycling. Click here for more information.

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