Now that Thanksgiving is over... I am safe to talk Christmas music!

I really like music. I guess country is the only genre I really can't stand. My favorite are the oldies. Love me some happy music. It was the format that started my radio career so I guess that may be a big reason why. I just celebrated 18 years at the radio station. Back in 2003 and 2004, I was Smokin' Joe on the Oldies station. I got a taste of some of the best Christmas music ever made. Also, some of the worst songs ever made too.

One of my favorites, you never hear anymore.

You hardly ever hear this gem anymore either. I think it's way better than "Step into Christmas" which makes Christmas sound like a pile of dog poop.

Some songs just bring me to tears. A lot of memories attached to this one.

While this next one is hardly an oldie or a classic, it brought my co-worker to tears when I played it for her. Music evokes some powerful memories.

Being from Michigan, we all know Bob Seger's version of "Little Drummer Boy" but this one is pretty freakin' cool.

Here is a list of the top Oldie Christmas songs... "Santa Baby" AND "The Chipmunk Song" that makes me not want to be alive anymore, both made the top 12.

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