Last week, I hit the drive thru at a burger joint. In front of me, I spotted this marvel of modern engineering. The tailgate rusted off and was replaced by a 2X4. Ain't that America?

From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

My dad has a truck with a Tuba Four Tailgate. Click here to see that badass mo fo. 

Below you will find our tailgate picture gallery. Whenever you spot a custom tailgate... We would like to share it. Thanks to Tim Hoffman who always sends us some GOLD! Please send your tailgate pics to

Tailgate Gallery

If you haven't seen the new tailgates on trucks... These are EVEN more expensive to replace. I LOVE the new Ram Tailgate... Some even close by pushing a button. Now that is fancy.

A THOUSAND bucks extra for that tailgate. Now, I see why people use wood.



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