The trends always seem to repeat themselves. What was once in style, makes it's way back around again after 30 or so years. Haircuts. Clothing. Country music being cool.

I am losing my hair. I have a huge bald spot and usually always wear a hat. I am always on the lookout for a bad haircut... This one makes Pete Rose look like Brad Pitt. This guy wins Bad Haircut of 2017 already.

Mark Davis Meets With Nevada Tourism Officials About Moving Raiders To Las Vegas
Getty Images

Ok, so the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas next year, MAYBE. The owner Mark Davis sat down to talk about the move but NO ONE ASKED HIM "who cuts your hair, man?" They didn't even ask where he got his Pete Rose haircut. Not one of these reporters questioned if he sat down in a chair and asked the barber, "What can you do to make me look more like Pete Rose?"

(This article is pure sarcasm and written in hopes that someone sits this man down with a mirror)

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