11:20 AM - update from Kayla Marie, on the road with the convoy:

We were pulled into the Missouri scale...while waiting for everyone, a Kansas farm kid pulled in front of our convoy, got out and handed us a 100 dollars with tears in his eyes, saying he didn't have much, but thanked us. This convoy doesn't have a dry eye right now.


We also have a truck with issues and instead of rolling and leaving it to him, we have 15 trucks flashing four-ways waiting for him, because nobody gets left behind.


We had another lady stop and do it also when we were waiting on our trucker to get his truck going. I've never seen 15 grown men tear up like they are now.
I'll keep the stories coming but I just ask that the ranchers and Farmers are spoken of. This isn't about us but we will have some memories behind it all and there is good in this world.



We posted here last week that convoys of semis from around the nation, including Michigan, were heading out west to help the farmers and ranchers devastated by wildfires earlier this month. The picture above is of supplies for the convoy collected in Mason by our friend Bryan Droscha.

I asked JD Thrasher this morning, whose Michigan convoy is headed for Oklahoma, how their progress is so far. His response a few minutes ago:

We are currently around Sweet Springs Missouri. Currently, a majority of our convoy will be going to Meade County Kansas which is still another 450 miles away. It was a long day yesterday with media coverage being at our launch point in Vasser. We'll be making it there some time this afternoon which will be good because all these guys and gals helping out in this convoy are getting a little restless. We ran with the other convoy that came out of Perry Michigan, until Effingham Illinois and that's where our convoy continued on. From what I heard, there were a total of 75 trucks in the overall convoy while we were running with the Perry crew. Our convoy that is in Sweet Springs right now getting ready to hit the road is 15.

Eddie Fahley posted on Michigan Convoy this morning:

Good Morning Everyone,

After some discussions and the support of all the community's the Michigan Convoy will be heading out on trip #2. We are planning to leave the evening of March 30th. With so many generous donors we should have our hay loads all covered but there is still a need for other feed supplies, minerals, and fencing materials. Along with this all the companies, farms, and driveres have stepped up to cover there own fuel cost. Any monetary donations will be used to purchase supplies to help these ranchers in need out. Feel free to contact me with any questions or details. Financial donations can also be done at any Tri-County or Chemical Bank Locations in the fund of "Michigan AG Community Wildfire Relief Fund" Thank you again for all the support, help, and donations from everyone!!

No surprise that Michigan residents were more than generous!




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