From 1968 to 1977, Oldsmobiles Lansing built Cutlass, was the king of the road. Everyone that I knew had owned at least one. IN more than one occasion, the back bumper was made of some sort of wood. I was never sure if it was just a poor quality of metal that was used or if it was just good placement by Michigan road salt.

Recently, I purchased a pre owned Chevy Trail Blazer from my neighbor. A great looking vehicle that was well maintained with impeccable records. But like anything else, once you own a new or "new to you" vehicle, you tend to see more of them on the road, You notice slight differences in models and look at the condition of the other guys and take notes of some of the accessories they may have that would suit you.

But in noticing more of the same vehicle, I am noticing that they are everywhere! I know my wife even had one when we first met. She has since upgraded to the Lansing built Acadia which I believe is the next in line for the "Cutlass" honor.

So in closing, I ask you. Are there really that many Trail Blazers on the road or is it just me? Inquiring minds want to know!


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