It was on this day in 1964, the BEATLES played their first 2 gig at Forest Hills in New York. The crowd showered the band with jellybeans and you could hardly hear them play through the shrieking fans. Check out some old grainy video below.

Legend is, after the show Bob Dylan was waiting to meet the Beatles. He thought the song "I want to Hold Your Hand" said "I get high." So, he showed up to smoke some dope with the band. John Lennon corrected him but he wanted to smoke with them anyway... Ringo Starr said he was the first one to hit it.

Paul McCartney had such a rush of thoughts, he had an assistant follow him around to jot down his ideas. He thought he was "thinking for the first time."

Ringo tells the story a bit differently.

Here is Ringo talking to Conan O'Brien about it a few years ago.

So, it REALLY wasn't Bob Dylan who ruined the Beatles... Yoko, your title is still safe.

What is REALLY funny is, Dylan was playing the same place the next year and was booed off the stage... Because he got the Beatles high? No. Because he came on stage with an electric guitar. Click here to check out the Electric Dylan controversy. 

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