I was driving the other day and looked up and saw this.

Buy Sell Trade Webberville

I thought for sure I was dreaming but naw... That is R2-D2. He appears to be in sleep mode waiting... but for what? The empire is surely close behind?

The Buy Sell Trade in Webberville is home to this legend. I don't know what they are asking because, it's COVID out, but I can imagine it will cost you your soul, at least.

I searched on Facebook for Buy, Sell, Trade in Webberville and there was a page.  I don't think they are connected? I am sad to report, I did not find any information on how to acquire this R2-D2 that would surely send my wife over the edge.

I did find some items that kept me on the page for nearly an hour. My hardest laugh came from a post about the Hummingbird Mystic Mattress... WITH NO STAINS! Maybe it's just me?

Plus, my friend Courtney shared her post about a big garage sale this weekend in Webberville!!!

Garage sale (across from Dollar General in Webberville). We have A LOT of clothing for sale! Many brand names and in excellent condition. Girls' clothing (size S-XL), women's clothing (all sizes), boys' clothing (M-XL), and men's clothing (M-XL). We also have shoes, boots, kids' and adult books, toys, games, and various miscellaneous items.
Friday - 9am-4pm
Saturday - 1pm-4pm
You could even find toilet paper there but no info on R2. Thank God that asshat C-3-PO wasn't with him. Man, I hate that guy.
May the force be with you.
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