Back in 1994, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh hadn't even earned the nickname "Captain Comeback" yet. He was about to begin his first year as QB in Indianapolis. Meanwhile in Ann Arbor, this was happening.

I remember where I was and who I was with when that happened. It was the most disappointment I had ever seen on a Wolverine face. Usually, you can get the same look by just saying "Jalen-Watts Jackson!

This weekend a 2-0 Colorado team invades Ann Arbor with upset on their minds. Meanwhile in Ann Arbor, Coach Harbaugh is talking about eating boogers. Click here to read that s**t!

The Buffs will be returning to Ann Arbor with uniforms modeled after those 1994 threads. Click here to read all about that. Meanwhile in Ann Arbor, Michigan has a man playing basketball, who didn't attend the University in their uniforms.

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The current QB is so embarrassed he covers it up whenever he is off the field. Coach Harbaugh has designated it as your prime booger wiping zone. After practice, he examines the zone for "keepers." (pure satire) Michigan vs Colorado Saturday 3:30pm on the B1G 10 Network. Michigan doesn't play on the road until October.

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