After we found out we were pregnant, Mrs. Pants and I had to decide on a name. If it was a boy it was easy, Maynard Harry-James. Maynard was my grandpa's name and my middle name. Harry and James are the names of our fathers.

Now, what if it's a girl? We were stuck. Once we KNEW it was a girl and she likely had Down Syndrome, it made it a bit easier. I just kept thinking about Phoenix. I LOVE music and one of my favorite songs of all time is Phoenix Burn by Alpha Rev. One morning, I woke up and Said to Sabrina, what about Phoenix? She said "I just had a dream about a Phoenix!" It seemed like fate decided for us.

During the many Dr. visits, I discovered Mel B (Scary Spice) from the Spice Girls and America's Got Talent has a kid named Phoenix. I told one of our Dr's this and he replied "I don't think you guys will hang out so, there won't be any confusion."

So, for her middle name I originally wanted Helen. My mom's middle name and Sabrina's grandma's name. I also have a friend Helen Miller, I LOVE and who has a great heart. I kept thinking about my friend Greg Flynn. Greg was born with a serious heart issue and wasn't expected to live long. Well, he lived into his 40's and even with a bad heart, he was a firemen, he worked and gave little complaints about his position. He was far from perfect but the dude was very inspirational. He asked me to announce the Ox Roast Parade for the firemen and I did it for about 10 years. Greg was a very good friend but I couldn't use Greg. So, we settled on Flynn. Phoenix Flynn.

Until we gave birth. Sabrina changed the play when it came to the birth certificate.

Phoenix Flynn-Helen.

I think our parents hate it. Someone called it a hippy name. Sounds like a ROCK STAR to me. Plus, we know our Phoenix will rise.


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