Well, here's another gem of amazement from our friends at onlyinyourstate.com. The website is known for exposing all of Michigan's quirks, wonders, and amazements. Today, I stumbled across another amazing piece of folklore. I had no idea that Ingham County is home to what many consider Michigan's most haunted road.

South of Dansville is where you will find Seven Gables Road...no relation to Seven Gables House in Salem, Massachusetts. Many have been warned...do not drive down this street after dark. According to the story, the haunting stems from legend of a killer hanging six victims in a house that once stood along the roadway before lighting the house ablaze killing himself. Some say it was the father of a family that once lived there killing his wife and kids before killing himself.

Folks have reported sights of women in bloody gowns walking down the road, screams in the distance, and general cold-prickly feelings. Though nothing has been confirmed, Seven Gables Road is a hotspot for thrillseekers and ghost chasers.

Check out this YouTube video from user The Ghost Watch about Seven Gables Road.

If you're curious and want to drive Seven Gables Road, the dead end gravel road runs south off of Dexter Trail, between Williamston and Clark Roads.

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