For my money, I love a good Flint style coney dog. Meaty and no mess. Angelo's Coney Island in Flint is truly the best that I have had to date. Others prefer the sloppy mess of a Detroit style. Sauce everywhere and almost impossible to eat with bare hands if prepared correctly!

But why not a "Jackson Style" Coney dog? Considering that the first Coney Island in America was Todoroff's that opened in 1914! It seems that two of Michigan's three motor cities have stolen the thunder from the centrally located Jackson.

Whatever the style, there can be only one dog to finish the coney of any city to perfection. Again I am going to be completely one sided when I go with the Flint based Koegel's! The snap of a perfectly grilled (not boiled) Koegel's Vienna is second to none.

Now to complete the Michigan connection, you need to add some Better Made or Uncle Ray's chips and wash it down with an ice cold Faygo. Then push yourself away from the table knowing you've down your part to keep Michigan's economy and historical value in tact and chugging along!


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