After a column last month in the Lansing State Journal, Delhi Township has apparently come under nationwide scrutiny over its Deadman's Hill Park. But, now, reports that township officials are considering a name change.

According to historical records, the hill where the current park is located was the site of Ingham County's only recorded death-by-lynching. It is believed to be the burial site of African-American Civil War veteran John Taylor. Taylor was reportedly killed in August of 1866 by a lynch mob that kidnapped him from the Ingham County Jail in Mason, took him to the site four miles south, and hung him after he was accused of attacking a local farming family.

There currently is no memorial marking the incident at Deadman's Hill Park. Delhi officials are reportedly considering, at the very least, such an acknowledgement, or the full name change to the park. The final decision may not come for some time.

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