Big Foot in Beulah
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A friend of mine posted this comment a few months ago on Facebook:


While at the Lansing Center a few weeks ago, I was putting away my little audio recorder when a security-type guy came up and asked how much it cost. I told him, then he went on to explain how he's looking to buy one to put in the woods near MSU where his buddy lives to record (and I'm not joking) sounds that the Sasquatch living in the area make.

Said with a 100% straight face and conviction. Said his buddy heard a 'mom and offspring Sasquatch' not long ago, making noises.

I nodded politely and took my leave quickly.


Comments on the post included:


"Maybe he should get a camera..."


Yea, that might be a better idea.

Joey Pants doesn't believe in Sasquatch, Yeti, Big Foot - the creature of many names who obviously has existed in many areas of the world, for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Isn't that sad?

Maybe this video from a  from an eagle cam in Beulah, Michigan will convince Mr. Pants that the beast walks upright.


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