My t-shirt game has dropped off significantly since I became a father. My wife says I need to sing and dance for people or I will shrivel up into nothing. Being locked up at home for the past 10 months, I haven't really had anywhere to wear one if I even had some I was proud of. There are those many work meeting where I just turn off my camera...

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In order to boost my own t-shirt morale and start feeling good about how fat and ugly I have gotten over the last year... I decided to start combing the state for great shirts. The Ann Arbor T Shirt Company had a bunch. Nothing made me prouder than this "Grizzled Hippy Eagle" shirt I was lucky enough to get.

Mullet Eagle

It's actually called the "Mullet Eagle." I loved the shirt so much, I decided to look online for a matching headband. As a bonus, the headband came with matching wristbands just in case I time travel back into 1976.

2021 is such a wonderful place, I had it sent to my house the next day. You can buy local on Amazon. There are all kinds of Michigan companies doing very well on there. Go figure, the shirt is on sale, you can click here to see it and get your own. 


I love how the faucet looks like my silver junk... Enjoy that visual!


There is a Stormtrooper right behind me isn't there?





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