The Detroit News reports that an epic blob of solid waste made up of fats, oils and grease that adhered to solids flushed into the Macomb County sewer system was 'removed' this week, according to Macomb County Public Works Commissioner (and former Michigan Secretary of State) Candice Miller.

The ick was about a hundred feet long and as much as six feet tall in some places.

Contributing factors in these masses of solid-y sludge forming are humans. When people pour grease down the drain and flush baby wipes.  Newsflash: you're not supposed to flush those.

There will be  a press conference in Macomb County tomorrow morning at a Clinton Township pumping station to discuss the issue - and to show off pieces of the 'fatberg'. Mmmm.

Reminds me of this bit of gold reported in The Guardian in 2011:

"A 15-ton mountain of congealed fat and sanitary products (was discovered) in a sewer in Kingston, south-west London. The massive lard lump was first noticed after the residents of a block of flats nearby were unable to flush their toilets. The 'fatberg' was blasted by high-powered hoses and took three weeks to clear. Thames Water says it's the biggest ever recorded in Britain, and was the size of a bus."

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