Leonard Moses who escaped police custody in Pittsburgh back in 1971 and had been a federal fugitive for nearly 50 years has been arrested. After being on the run for decades, he was found and arrested in Grand Blanc.

According to ABC12, Moses escaped from custody in 1971 while attending his grandmother’s funeral in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh, Penn. He had been living in the Grand Blanc area and working as a traveling pharmacist under the name of Paul Dickson.

Moses and four others were convicted of first-degree murder after throwing Molotov cocktails at a house in Homewood during the riots after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in 1968. Mary Amplo was in the home at the time and later died in a hospital after being severely burned.

Apparently, he was arrested in St. Clair Shores earlier this year on unrelated charges and his fingerprints were entered into a national database. That arrest is what led to his capture in Grand Blanc on Thursday.

FBI Pittsburgh Special Agent in Charge Michael Christman:

I hope this arrest brings some closure to the family members of Mary Amplo, who was killed back in 1968. Mr. Moses will now have to face justice for her murder.

Moses, who is 68 now remains in custody at the Genesee County Jail while awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.

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